Heart Friendly Fried Potatoes

By shoulders

  • 1Lb. New potatoes Cooking Spray Granola Oil Onions

  1. Wash and cut potatoes to desired sizes. Spray skillet with cooking spray, add potatoes in small batches till browned. Remove the cooked potatoes to a plate, add the remaining potatoes, add the granola oil if needed. Remove the cooked potatoes. Brown the onions, and remove from skillet. Place all the potatoes to pan and top with onions, pour water half way up the potatoes in the pan, place the lid on the pan and let the potatoes steam till water is gone.

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tankmom 2011-10-02 18:11:22 -0500 Report

Granola Oil?? Never heard of it and availability is it and where? We learn something new every day.