No-Fuss Mussels

By shoulders

  • 2tsp. butter 1tsp. minced garlic 1 1/2 cups dark beer 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper 2 lbs. mussels, scrubbed

  1. In a pot over medium heat, heat up butter and cook the garlic. Stirring for 1 minute. Add beer, stir in cayenne, bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. Add the mussles, cover and steam 4 -5 minutes. Discard any unopened mussels. Serve with broth ladled over mussles.

Nutritional Facts

79 calories 9g. protein 5g.carbohydrates trace fiber 3g. fat 1g. saturated fat 22mg. cholesterol 212mg. sodium

seafood mussels

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HeartHawk 2011-10-02 20:17:30 -0500 Report

Oh yeah! Another favorite. There is a local bar that has a beer and garlic recipe I like too.

shoulders 2011-10-01 23:41:36 -0500 Report

Mussels are a good source of omega-3 and iron, which is essential for cardiovascular health.