grilled chicken perfection


grilled chicken perfection
  • 4 tomotoes

  • 3 garlic cloves

  • emerils vodka sauce

  • a teaspoon of fresh basil

  • bay leaves

  • peper

  • skinless chicken breast

  • angel hair pasta

  • garlic powder

  1. frist grill you a piece of skinless chicken breast sprinkle some black pepper and garlic powder to add flavor to your chicken then take your tomotoes cut them in to small piece or big however you perfer then cut up your garlic pieces small get a bowl and put the garlic piece and tomotoes pieces into the bowl now add the emerils vodka sauce to it heat all of this up the boil your angel hair pasta then after sauce is hot and mixed throw it on top of some angel hair pasta add your chicken on top of it garnish the top with fresh basil and some bay leaves

Nutritional Facts

total fat 25g
total sodium 480mg
protein 10g
carbs 32g
sugars 8g
cholesterol 15mg
calories 500

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