Whether you're living with heart disease already or you are simply attempting to lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent heart problems, you probably understand the importance of exercise.

When paired with a healthy diet and reasonable lifestyle, exercise can be incredibly beneficial to your cardiovascular health. Most of us associate running, biking, swimming, or other strenuous cardiovascular exercises as the best options for heart-healthy workouts.

One form of exercise that's commonly overlooked in the quest for heart health, however, is yoga. Regularly engaging in this practice may have a whole range of benefits for those looking to strengthen and maintain their hearts. Here are three of the top reasons to start adding yoga to your weekly exercise routine.

1. It can help prevent heart problems to begin with

According to the American Heart Association, yoga can be one of the best ways to help prevent heart problems.

Taking part in yoga several times a week may help reduce high blood pressure. Yoga can also increase circulation, which could help ensure that oxygen-rich blood reaches all parts of your body more easily while working out. Further, yoga is a phenomenal way to increase general overall muscle tone, making it a great way to better your body while increasing your heart health.

2. It can help you recover from a current heart condition

Inflammation of tissues and muscle groups is a natural response to injury or stress to your body. While this can lead to its own problems such as swelling and limited mobility, inflammation of any part of the body may also contribute to harmful compounds being released in the bloodstream. These could reduce your circulation, making it harder to establish a healthy routine and also minimizing the benefits that you receive from cardiovascular workouts.

Best Health reports that frequent yoga has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body as a whole and offers benefits to many patients living with heart conditions. If you suffer from inflammation from an injury or preexisting condition, then yoga may be a meaningful addition to your workout or health routine.

3. It can reduce your stress, helping your heart even further

Most people don't realize how harmful stress can be to nearly all aspects of your health. This is particularly true for those living with heart disease, as stress can put unnecessary strain on their cardiovascular system. Yoga can reduce the amount of stress that an individual feels. Also, the calming frame of mind that the practice teaches can allow you to better deal with new stressors as they present themselves.