Often, when we think about getting back into strong cardiovascular shape or beginning a new workout routine, we start by laying out plans of going to the gym every day after work or initiating a running or cycling routine. These are certainly worthwhile endeavors that can boost your fitness, but they miss one critical component: The support of other people. Whether or not we want to admit it, we as human beings are far better at motivating ourselves when we have the extra push that we receive from working out with a friend or acquaintance. If you're starting a new fitness regime soon or are simply looking for ways to jump-start your current workouts, consider the following tips for group exercise:

Establish a workout group

As FitDay has pointed out, one of the best ways to get into shape is simply to establish a group of friends with similar interests. If you and a few of your friends live close to each other, consider finding a gym or training center roughly equidistant between your homes. If this is possible, it will be easy to set up a time for the group to meet each day before or after work or school. This way, you can all use one another’s support to work towards achieving your goals. Motivate one another to get to the gym with small reminders sent during the workday through text messages or emails. You might be surprised at how motivating some of your friends can be when it comes to fitness.

Join a class or team

Establishing a friend group to work out with regularly isn't going to be feasible for everyone. Your friends may not have the same interest in fitness as you do, or they may not live near enough you to make frequent gym sessions work. This doesn't mean you can't benefit from regularly exercising with a group. If you find yourself in this situation, consider joining a class at your local gym. Many fitness centers offer classes in everything from boxing to aerobic dance. In addition to being a well-structured way to promote your own fitness and strength, this will also add a dimension of fun to the exercise by presenting an opportunity to meet new people.

Have a goal

One of the best ways to ensure you don't sell yourself short in your fitness regime is by establishing a firm goal that you can work towards. For example, if you're looking for an ambitious project that you can begin modestly, consider a marathon-training plan. These are perfect for groups of friends and can be followed for months before the actual day of the event. Check out a few plans online to lay out a training calendar for yourself.

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