Heart Condition Treatment-And-Care Articles

Do Automated External Defibrillators Really Save Lives?

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Here's what happens when inexperienced bystanders use this powerful medical tool in a crisis.

FDA Warns People With Heart Disease About Antibiotic

By U.S. Food and Drug Administration No Comments

Here's important information for those who are prescribed clarithromycin (also sold under the brand name Biaxin).

A Breakthrough Toward Replacing Dead Heart Tissue

By Kent Peterson 1 Comment

A newly developed “heart patch” may help crippled hearts beat strongly again.

Do You Really Need a Stent?

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Surprising findings suggest stents may not help many people who get them.

Cholesterol Pills Linked to Diabetes Risk

By Kent Peterson No Comments

New findings may reignite an old debate about the safety of statin drugs.

Common Painkillers May Raise Your Heart Attack Risk

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Here’s what you should know about pills that are probably in your medicine cabinet now.

Stable Heart Disease and Angiograms

By Consumer Reports No Comments

If you have stable heart disease, you may not need that angiogram. Find out why. This article is brought to you by Consumer Reports.

Talking to Your Doctor: Guess What? Your Doctor Is Frustrated Too!

By Dr GaryCA 1 Comment

You and your doctor may both feel frustrated at times. See tips to help both of you get back to working as a team.

Talking to Your Doctor: Do I Need to Make That Appointment?

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Spare yourself - and your doctor - from unnecessary appointments. Here's how know whether you really need to see the doctor.

Talking to Your Doctor: Find the Right Words to Describe Your Symptoms

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Better communication leads to better treatment. Learn what to say to your doctor and how to say it.