Heart Condition Treatment And Care Articles

Chronic Communication at Home: Take Your Partner to Your Doctor Appointment!

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Good things happen when the three of you talk face to face. Dr. Gary tells how to get the most from it.

A Breakthrough Toward Replacing Dead Heart Tissue

By Kent Peterson 1 Comment

A newly developed “heart patch” may help crippled hearts beat strongly again.

Do You Really Need a Stent?

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Surprising findings suggest stents may not help many people who get them.

Talking to Your Doctor: My Lab Results Seem to Be Falling Into a Black Hole

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Dr. Gary explains what to do if you don't get your test results when they are promised.

Newly Diagnosed: Taking Medication for Life? How to Accept, How to Cope

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

If caring for your chronic condition feels like a life sentence, Dr. Gary's advice can help.

Talking to Your Doctor: How Well Am I Describing My Symptoms?

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Dr. Gary has tips to help you get the right treatment when it’s hard to explain how you feel.

Common Painkillers May Raise Your Heart Attack Risk

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Here’s what you should know about pills that are probably in your medicine cabinet now.

Talking to Your Doctor: My Doctor Always Rushes Through the Appointment

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Doctors are busier than ever. But Dr. Gary’s tips can help you get the attention you deserve and the care you need.

Waiting for Test Results: How to Get Through the Countdown

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

If worry gets the best of you, Dr. Gary has good advice.

New Wireless Pacemaker Doesn’t Require Surgery

By Heart Connect StaffCA No Comments

A new pacemaker that's small, wireless, and doesn't require surgery to implant shows promise but may cause complications in some patients.

Are You Getting These Two Medications Confused?

By Victoria Candland No Comments

A common antidepressant and a popular heart medicine can get accidentally switched. Learn more at Heart Connect.

Coping With a Serious Illness

By Consumer Reports No Comments

Increase your chances of getting the best, most humane treatment. This material is brought to you by Consumer Reports.

Are ACE Inhibitors Right for You?

By Heart Connect StaffCA No Comments

While these drugs can help reduce the risk of heart disease, there are certain considerations to be made before taking them.

New FDA Warning for Ibuprofen and Naproxen

By Heart Connect StaffCA 1 Comment

Updated research has prompted the FDA to strengthen warning labels on NSAIDs

Is Your Primary Care Physician Looking Out for Your Mental Health?

By Danielle Cronquist No Comments

The ACP published a report encouraging better integration of mental and physical health in primary care

Is Pharmacogenetics the Future of Medicine?

By C. Falkner No Comments

Genetic testing may allow precision prescribing of medications and dosages.