Heart Condition Treatment Articles

FDA Warns People With Heart Disease About Antibiotic

By U.S. Food and Drug Administration No Comments

Here's important information for those who are prescribed clarithromycin (also sold under the brand name Biaxin).

Traits to Look for in a Healthcare Provider

By Jewels Doskicz, R.N. No Comments

Heart condition patients and healthcare providers need to have a strong relationship full of trust, empathy, and connectedness.

How Well Does Your Health Plan Rank in Helping Members Avoid Unnecessary Healthcare Costs?

By Danielle Cronquist No Comments

Is your health care plan doing its best to hold down unnecessary costs?

Recognizing High Blood Pressure in Children

By Heart Connect StaffCA No Comments

While rare, children can also suffer from high blood pressure.

What Does a Woman's Heart Attack Look and Feel Like? You Might Be Surprised.

By Victoria Candland No Comments

Women often experience different symptoms of a heart attack than men. Be aware of these warning signs.

Post-Discharge Care Crucial to Survival Rate after Heart Attack

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A new study out of Leeds has some critical news for heart attack patients.

Strange: An Ear-Tickling Device Could Improve Your Heart Health

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A study out of Leeds has revealed an interesting potential factor in cardiac health.

Here's How Soy Can Help Your Heart

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A study has shown that soy-rich diets may benefit heart health in women.

Does Your Doctor Make the Grade?

By Dr GaryCA 1 Comment

Have you been thinking about whether it might be time to consider moving to another physician? Here's how to decide if it's time to break up.

Saying Goodbye to Your Doctor? 7 Steps To Communicating with Confidence

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

So, you made the decision to break up with your with your doctor. Here's how to do it.

What To Do When Your Doctor is Unkind or Rude

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Have you ever felt like your doctor was unnecessarily unkind, scolding or just plain rude?

7 Tips to Help You Talk to Your Doctor about a Second Opinion

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

If you have obtained a second opinion from another physician, at some point you will most likely want to return to your current physician to review the results. This can be an uncomfortable discussion.

Stop Getting Unnecessary Medical Treatments

By Dr GaryCA 1 Comment

Is it possible you are getting what you ask for, but not always what you need? Your doctor may be saying, "Yes," when some watching and waiting — or “no” — might be the best…

9 Important Questions to Ask Your Health Insurance Provider

By Martine Ehrenclou No Comments

Finding out the answers to the following questions will prevent you from finding out that your plan doesn’t cover what you need or doesn’t cover the medical provider, hospital, or surgery center of your choice.

The Basics of Your Health Insurance Options

By Martine Ehrenclou No Comments

It’s extremely important to understand the basics of your health insurance plan. If you don’t, you will end up with medical bills you didn’t count on and quite possibly an insurance plan you wish you…

7 Ways to Cope with Financial Stress — and Save Your Health

By Dr GaryCA No Comments

Stop thinking about your finances? Fat chance of that. But you can do a few things to manage the stress that financial concerns can cause.