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Sugary Drinks Linked to Heart Deaths

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Learn which popular beverages may increase your odds of a fatal heart attack.

Why Your Heart Attack Risk Is Higher in the Morning

By Kent Peterson 1 Comment

We’re learning more about this hazard—and steps you can take to help protect yourself.

Why Some Women's Heart Attacks Go Undiagnosed

By Kent Peterson No Comments

Here's what you must know about gender differences in the way heart attack symptoms are treated.

Cholesterol Pills Linked to Diabetes Risk

By Kent Peterson No Comments

New findings may reignite an old debate about the safety of statin drugs.

Heart Attacks Have Different Causes and Outcomes for Women

By Tom Betar 1 Comment

Risk factors, underlying causes, and outcomes of heart attacks are different for men and women, according to a statement by the AHA.

What's the Best Way to Enjoy Green Tea?

By Chris Kliesmet (HeartHawk) No Comments

It's safe to say there is plenty of hard science to back up the health benefit claims of green tea. More specifically, evidence suggests the harmful effects of the oxidation of cholesterol in the bloodstream…

5 Simple Ways to Raise Your HDL Cholesterol

By Chris Kliesmet (HeartHawk) No Comments

It frustrates me to think of all the simple things I could have done to raise my HDL cholesterol and prevent heart disease decades ago. Today, I'm sharing them with you so you can take…

Sodium Restrictions and Heart Disease

By Danielle Cronquist 1 Comment

Research suggests that doctors may want to reconsider recommending that heart failure patients reduce their salt intake.

Treat Sleep Apnea for Better Blood Pressure

By Danielle Cronquist 3 Comments

Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association confirms that using common sleep apnea treatments could help lower blood pressure and improve your health.

Staying Married May Help You Survive After Heart Surgery

By Tom Betar No Comments

Being married can help prevent heart trouble from occurring, but a new study indicates that it could also improve your odds of survival after heart surgery. The study, published in the journal JAMA Surgery, tracked…

Are Your Sleep Patterns Increasing Your Risk of a Heart Attack?

By Heart Connect StaffCA No Comments

It's no secret that a good night's rest is key to a healthy life. But how big of an impact does your beauty sleep have on your heart?

Sex Unlikely to Trigger Another Heart Attack

By Heart Connect StaffCA No Comments

Many patients who have suffered a heart attack worry about whether it's safe to resume their sex life.

Is Beer Good for Your Heart?

By Heart Connect StaffCA No Comments

There’s growing evidence that beer may have positive effects on your heart health.

Surviving a Heart Attack

By Heart Connect StaffCA 1 Comment

Heart attacks can’t always be avoided. The best way to survive is to know what to do if you have possible heart attack symptoms.

The Link Between Osteoporosis and Heart Disease

By Victoria Candland 1 Comment

If you have a history of coronary heart disease, you may be at risk for osteoporosis.

4 Great Ways to Relieve Stress

By Heart Connect StaffCA No Comments

When you've had a heart attack, stroke or coronary disease, it's especially important to reduce the amount of stress in your life.