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Feeling Normal: Being Okay With Life’s GPS

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Getting where you want to be in life starts with feeling better about where you are. Dr. Gary's tips can help you do both.

Chronic Communication at Work: Returning After a Leave of Absence

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Don’t be surprised if things changed while you were away from your job. Dr. Gary has tips to smooth your return.

Chronic Communication: My Partner is Noncompliant!

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Tired of nagging, begging, or scolding your partner to keep up with self-care? Chances are they're tired of hearing it too. Dr. Gary has a better way.

Just Diagnosed: Watch Your Language!

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Put the power of words to work for you! Dr. Gary explains how to choose words that help you feel better about your health, and avoid words that don't.

Talking to Your Doctor: Never Too Much Information

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Do you hold back things your doctor might need to know? See how to keep your physician fully informed about your health without being labeled a time waster.

You and Your Thoughts: Who’s the Boss?

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You can prevent upsetting thoughts from making you miserable. Dr. Gary shows you how.

Just Diagnosed: Why Does Information Feel Like My Enemy?

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Dr. Gary explains what to do if learning more about your heart condition seems overwhelming or scary.

Feeling Normal: What Fear Does to Us

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Dr. Gary's tips teach you how to let fear empower you instead of making you miserable.

Chronic Communication at Work: Is My Boss Expecting Less of Me?

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Dr. Gary tells what to do if you're treated like you can't pull your own weight.

Feeling Normal: When Was the Last Time You Felt Exposed?

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Does heart disease sometimes make it hard to appear as normal as you'd like? If this leaves you feeling exposed and self-conscious, Dr. Gary's tips can help.

Talking to Your Doctor: When Your Doctor Makes an Error

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Speaking up about a medical mistake doesn't have to be difficult. Dr. Gary has tips to help you know what to say and how to say it.

Just Diagnosed: What Does It Mean to Be an Advocate?

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Dr. Gary has proven tips to help you learn how to look out for yourself and become your own best advocate as you deal with heart problems.

So … Time to Break That Bad Habit?

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Learn why we develop bad habits and why they seem so hard to change ... then see proven tips that can help you banish your bad habits for good.

Chronic Communication at Work: Your Annual Review

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There's no need to dread this yearly ritual. Dr. Gary has tips on how to showcase your strengths and deal with questions about your health.

Chronic Communication at Home: Living With the Imperfections

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Nobody's perfect. Learn how you can prevent annoying little quirks in your loved ones from getting your goat.

What Does It Mean to Be Confident?

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Learn to understand how a heart condition can affect self-confidence, and see tips to help you become more confident.