Does Drinking Diet Soda Make You Fat?

From HeartHawk 2011-02-13 00:09:47 -0600 5 Comments

When is a diet drink not a diet drink. When it is made with artificial sweeteners. In this weeks UltraWellness podcast, Dr. Mark Hyman shares exciting new research that sheds light on the stunning link between artificial sweeteners and weight gain. For more, see

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5 replies

polina123 2013-05-06 21:05:06 -0500 Report

wow and i been drinking diet caffeine free drinks for the last 3 years,now i know why i have,n been losing any weight..i drink one of these every day or two,wow no more

harley64 2012-06-25 22:10:43 -0500 Report

I see the sandwich and large fry a lot because I work in a fast food restaurant and we always make the comment"what's the sense in a diet when they order a large sandwih and fries, lol

HeartHawk 2012-06-24 22:58:30 -0500 Report


It is thought that even diet soda makes you fat because of what you eat with the soda. It doesn't help to drink diet if you still eat a quarter-pounder with cheese and a large fry!


Judy560 2012-06-23 15:53:42 -0500 Report

It's because some people don't learn about how there diet afffects them. Any kind of soda will make you fat.

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