EDTA Chelation therapy for calcium-plaque removal in our arteries, veins, and capillaries

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Angioprim Reviews

Overall: crystal, What kind of help do you need? HH

By HeartHawk

Overall: need help


Overall: Good to know this information. Useful.

By mbueno

Pros: Amazing product that releaved my chest and left arm discomfort, reduced my stress, gave me back my life. I failed a stress test, had a 40% blockage and a 60% blockage in areas of my heart where they could not put stents. My doctor and my cardiologist were both amazed at what this product did for me and said whatever I was doing to keep it up. They both said it would not interfere with any of my medications. It may have saved my life. Please read my story at . Go to "Ask Our Customers", go to "State" and select Illinois, click on my name "Ronald D. Finley" and read my story.

Cons: I guess Angioprim is not FDA approved, which did not bother me. Just because the drug companies can't get a patent on a product and make a lot of money off it does not mean it will not work or may not be good for us. I had great success with this product. The mild direraha was nothing compared to the benefits I received.

By RonFinley