This bracelet holds all your important data, it is easy to put into the computer, and up-date at anytime. It holds your photo, your medications, your allergies to medications, and other things that can be life saving, if you can speak at the time, the medical staff just plugs it into the computer- and it's there. For those wanting the dog tags- that address is they have key chains too, but we don't always carry our keys with us. A bracelet is easy to wear.

Community Rating: 4.5

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Overall: Want one if I can find one.

By BreC

Overall: thanks for the info I prefer the ID tag, my wrist is too small for bracelets

By Judy560

Overall: Thanks for the info. will get one for my daugther.

By mbueno

Overall: Thanks for the info.

By MsKim41

Overall: I got mine at Walgreens.

By mstexan

Overall: I got this bracelet recently (MedicalHistoryBracelet)! I do like the fact that all my medical history can be on there and I can update it as needed. However, I do wish it had a spot on the outside to put something to indicate your most serious medical issue. When seconds count, I hate to think of rescue workers having to take those precious seconds to get to the computer/ambulance and plug it in, etc.

By mstexan