Pradaxa is the brand name for dabigatran, a new class of blood thinner that is positioned to replace warfarin in the treatment of atrial fibrillation and other conditions where blood clotting can become a problem.

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Pradaxa Reviews

Overall: To all, Yup, Pradaxa is very expensive as it has no competition in its class but competing drugs will be released soon. Also, insurance companies are slow to cover new drugs but that will eventually change too as it always does. HH

By HeartHawk

Overall: very good if you can afford it. My insurance won't pay for it.

By tinman101

Overall: glad to find friends, I find my heart medications make me feel bad for a couple hours and there are times I really wonder which is worse.

By air force mom

Pros: Studies have show it to be equal or superior to warfarin in reducing blood clotting. Its main advantage is that it does not require frequent blood testing to monitor dosing as does warfarin.

Cons: In some studies Pradaxa caused more stomach upset and discontinuation of use than warfarin.

By HeartHawk