Used together with proper diet to treat high cholesterol levels in the blood. This medicine may also be used to prevent certain types of heart problems.

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Pravachol Reviews

Overall: tinman, Glad you like the CAD article. Dr. Walton-Shirley and I got off onthe wrong foot several years ago so I was happy to see this opinion article. As far as stains have you looked at Livalo (pitivastatin)? HH

By HeartHawk

Overall: I have tried them all but pravachol is the only one I tolerate up to 40 mg. Everyone's system is different.

By tinman101

Overall: This med caused all my joints to ache untill I changed to Crestor


Overall: When was Lipitor recalled? Why? I took it for a few years and just recently switched to Crestor.

By stormy37

Overall: My doctor wanted me to go on lipitor but they recalled it too.

By lebarron1

Pros: Can help to lower cholesterol to help your heart.

Cons: Didn't work with initial dose. Doctor had to move me to the 40mg dose for it to work.

By My Golden Years