Anti-clotting Medications

Anti-clotting medications include antiplatelet and anticoagulant treatments. These types of drugs are effective in keeping a clot from forming or stopping the growth of a clot. Blood clots are very dangerous and can cause strokes, heart attacks, and life-threatening lung problems.

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Overall: Started on coumadin, insurance then took me off and put me on the generic warfarin.

By re1ndeer


Overall: I take coumadin every day for 3 years now, I really dislike taking it for the rest of my life being I'm only 51 yrs old but they say it for {a fib} irregular heart beat it keeps me from having a stroke or heart attack and blood clots but Im not liking the symptoms it has on my skin it has changed from soft to very dry and my hair also changed from normal to very dry and losing it too. I also go once a month for blood testings the doctor said maybe if lose 200 lbs I could get off of warfrain did you know its made from rat poisoning.

By emgy1460