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Are you experiencing symptoms of a heart condition? This is certainly not the place for you if you're having a medical emergency (you should call your doc or dial 911). But if you want to talk to others to compare and better understand symptoms, this is a great place.

  • Viibryd and Mitral Valve Prolapse

    I have been taking Viibryd for around two years and have had an interesting experience in regards to a heart condition. I have not been able to find any similar accounts on the internet, but this thread seems like a good place to share my experience. 20 years ago, after having suffered...

    By Pixydust 1 Replies Latest Reply 2017-11-27 12:32:19 -0600
  • Had a Heart Attack? What were your symptoms?

    One of the most frequently asked questions is, "What does a heart attack feel like?" Traditional medicine has suggest several classic symptoms like chest pressure and left-arm and neck/jaw pain. But, a recent study suggests these symptoms are not the most likely to ultimately result in a...

    By HeartHawk 33 Replies Latest Reply 2014-01-06 16:10:31 -0600
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  • Blood Clots

    Not sure what to think anymore. I had an icd put in 12/27/2011 then the leads came loose and I had to have it redone on 2/3/2012. With that surgery I got three clots in my upper left arm. They put me on coumadan for three mos then was off it for a month then they did a doppler early this month to...

    By Maja1959 24 Replies Latest Reply 2012-09-01 15:03:27 -0500
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  • Heart papiltation

    Hi, I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I feel my heart flutters and a drop feeling. I had an echo sonogram two of them, a stress test and a ton of EKG' s and a 24 holter and a 21 day. All was good. What is this?? I am scared there is something wrong with my heart.

    By cateyes1213 7 Replies Latest Reply 2012-08-28 01:23:13 -0500
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  • Left side heart pain

    I been having on/off pain under my left breast going into left side under my arm pit. Is this a heart attack? I am scared!!

    By cateyes1213 4 Replies Latest Reply 2013-03-04 19:39:22 -0600
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  • My feet, ankles & lower legs are swollen!

    For the last week or so I've noticed that my feet, ankles & lower legs are swollen. Some days not so bad but most days the ankles look as big as large oranges! They don't hurt exactly, more of an ache when I have to walk. I can feel the tightness of my skin in those areas. Putting my feet...

    By CWMecca 27 Replies Latest Reply 2013-02-06 01:41:38 -0600
  • New to this connect site, & totally confused......

    I had a scary trip to the er a few wks ago & was told my heart skips more than it should. The er dr told me to follow-up the next day with my reg. dr. I did this & am now in the dark more than ever & feel alone with no rhymn nor reason for what is happening. Does anyone else have this...

    By kaiya2465 12 Replies Latest Reply 2012-06-14 08:01:11 -0500
  • Blood Pressure

    My blood pressure has been high( stroke level high) for a couple of months now and I am getting so discourged. I am taking metoprolol and lasarten, but it's still high. Don't know why...going back to the doctor on the 29th, been going every 2 weeks since April 14th. I had a 'light' stroke in...

    By elaine52 4 Replies Latest Reply 2014-01-22 18:46:14 -0600
  • Tired, Magnesium is 1.7

    I have been so tired lately and forgetful and my hands feel numb. Recently, they did bloodwork because I am on lasix. I got a call that my magnesium is 1.7. Doc is out of town due to a death in the family. Thinking of calling my osteopath. I read where low magensium is related to all my symtoms....

    By Maja1959 5 Replies Latest Reply 2012-05-29 00:14:08 -0500
  • Do you have gout? It could signal increased heart disease risk!

    I recently submitted a feature article to HeartConnect on the connection between uric acid and heart disease. Uric acid is also the cause of gout. If you suffer form gout you have high uric acid which may be contributing to heart disease. Recently, a number of studies have confirned this as...

    By HeartHawk 0 Replies Latest Reply 2012-05-14 23:34:25 -0500
  • Reversable Heart Attack

    I just found out today that a gal I have known for some time had a Reversable Heart Attack. She was at 35% efficiency when this first happened, about 6 months ago. She is now at 75% and her goal is 100%. I have never heard of this. Is there anything a person should know to know this has...

    By tankmom 5 Replies Latest Reply 2012-05-08 23:40:33 -0500
  • Managing your Anticoagulants

    Hi, I'm delighted to join the community. I'm 27 and had a Aortic valve replacement last summer and now on a prescription of warfarin lifelong. From my experiences I have created an iPhone App to help others monitor and control their anticoagulants and would love to share it with you guys. The...

    By rob.cleaton 4 Replies Latest Reply 2012-04-29 22:53:40 -0500
  • Potassium question

    Is there evidence or experience with nerve pain and low potassium levels ? I am trying to see if I can put some of this puzzle to together. Thank you

    By Anonymous 1 Replies Latest Reply 2012-05-10 22:15:55 -0500
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  • anxiety worsens my chest pain

    I was diagnosed with a Right Bundle Branch Block a few months ago. When I get anxious and/or upset, I feel a tightening in my chest, sometimes a "flutter". At times, a sharp jab that lasts a few seconds. My MD has me on Isosorbide Mono daily. I am being treated for a chronic depression,and...

    By Rightbundlebranchblock 19 Replies Latest Reply 2011-04-02 23:31:37 -0500
  • noise in chest

    Hi all I hope that everyone is staying warm on this cold december day. My question may seem dumb but here goes. I have notice a rumbling or swishing sound in the chest area. I was wonder if anyone else is having this problem. It does not bother means but sometimes I have a need to cough....

    By runthe 4 Replies Latest Reply 2011-03-01 14:39:35 -0600
  • Coronary Heart Disease

    I have just recently gone from having hight cholesterol to chest pains that after several tests resulted in an angiogram, angioplasty and two stents, end-to end. My question at this time is I have had a problem with being sensitive to cold for a long time, but since this latest hospitalization...

    By Jarb 4 Replies Latest Reply 2011-03-17 09:11:16 -0500