Quick Poll: Has your partner met your doctor? And if so, was it helpful?

Dr Gary
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What about you and your partner? Are you always in sync on the what and the why and the how of your treatment regimen? And if not, does that sometimes result in miscommunication, along with frustration?

If so, have you ever thought of sitting down together and having a chat with your doctor? There are a lot of benefits to the three of you having a meeting together. For one thing, as Sally suggested, you would both have the same information. That means that, if you’re living with this condition, you don’t have to try and translate medical information. Your partner would get it straight from the doctor. Also, your physician has a unique perspective on what it takes to live with your diagnosis. He/she could explain how your condition and its treatment impacts you not only physically but emotionally. And the three of you could talk about how you and your partner can work together in a way that both of your needs are recognized and accommodated.

After all, when one member of the home is living with a chronic condition, everybody is living with it.

I wrote an article on this topic awhile back. Here’s a link:


I’m really interested in knowing if you and your partner have met with your doctor. If so, who’s idea was it? And was it helpful?

And if not, would you like your partner to sit down with you and your doctor. Why? And if not, why not?

Looking forward to hearing from you on this one.

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Chopstix 2018-06-17 14:46:39 -0500 Report

She has met the one at the clinic here in Macon but refuses to ride to the Dublin VA to meet my cardiologist.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2018-08-29 21:14:24 -0500 Report

Hey Chopstix, nice to see you. Sorry I didn't catch your reply early. So your wife doesn't want to make that trip? You might check to see if your cardiologist is willing to let her call in and put her on speakerphone for at least part of your meeting, to talk about anything you want her to know. Just an idea.