An okay day, but not feeling great. How do you decide when to push and when to give yourself a break?

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When you’re living with a chronic condition, you may have days when you are feeling totally on top what it takes to do your best work. You may have days when you aren’t up to even trying. But you may have days when you’re not quite feeling it, but aren’t feeling bad enough to stay home.

And those are the days I’m talking about here. When you feel like you can basically do what you need to do to get through the day and be productive. And after all, that’s who you are. You’re committed to your job and you don’t want to leave your team short a person if at all possible.

Practically speaking, these may also be days when you don’t want to use up your sick time and don’t want to risk either losing a day’s pay or giving your boss something else to complain about.

You might call these “semi-bad days.” And you want – or just plain need – to push yourself to get to work.

Or to perform at your best in other areas of your life.

You may not love that statement, especially if those words have been directed towards you. And you may not like the idea of faking it at work, even on a day when you’re not at your best.

I posted an article on this topic a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a link:

So what does it mean to “fake it ‘til you make” on a day when you feel not great but good enough to go to work? Or to keep another commitment? It means putting your best foot – and face – forward to do as good a job as possible on day when, in a perfect world, you would rather have stayed home.

So, what about you! Do you have days when you aren’t quite at your best? Ever feel like you’re faking it to get through the day?

How you do you decide when to give yourself a push and when to take it easy?

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