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I have congestive heart failure from years of high blood pressure. The BP is under control with medication and now I'm beginning to attack my weight problems. Some unforeseen circumstances unrelated to my health have led me to ask this question: What would happen if my diet consisted mostly of instant oatmeal, restaurant food at least two or three times a week and the occasional grilled chicken or grilled pork when weather allows?
I appreciate anyone's thoughts!

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polina123 2015-03-31 22:14:36 -0500 Report

like you i have congestive heart failure too cost from blood pressure aways high,and my prom/is weight gain,and hard to take off. talking about grill foods my doctor allows ,but am not allow food like pork thats all i used to eat and that is where am to today eating too much pork meats lol all i eat now is chicken ,turkey,and any meat that are not pork and it seems to be working for my diet am losing weight