Ever feel a little envious? What do you do about it?

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The grass is always greener on the other side, right?

Well at least that’s what they say, whoever “they” are. And of course, the meaning behind this old saying if that once you get over to that supposedly greener side, assuming you do, you will find that things aren’t any better over there, either.

But when it’s you who’s looking over the other side of the fence, and the people on that side seem to be having a whole lot more fun, it’s hard to wonder about that greener grass.

And maybe to feel a little envious of the people who are enjoying it.

I often talk to my clients about how they feel when they see how other people seem to be living. They tell me stories about sitting down to a meal, and having to adhere to a special diet whole everybody else orders whatever they want from the menu. Or being in a group where everybody is running around while they can hardly walk due to fatigue or pain. Even being in a group where everyone else is happy can be hard if you are feeling stuck in sadness or anxiety.

Sure, my clients tell me they accept where they are in life. They have learned to live with their heartcondition. Including the ways in which their condition makes them feel different from other people. That doesn’t mean it’s easy.

I wrote an article about the envy trap a little while back. Here’s a link:


Feeling envy at times is human.

And now, I am wondering if you ever look around and feel some envy for people who are not dealing with their condition. If so, how do you handle those feelings?

Any advice to share?

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