When someone you know with your diagnosis dies, how do you handle it?

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I know this is pretty dark topic. And a hard one to write about with my usual upbeat message. But recently, clients have told me about the loss of a friend or family member – or someone they read about – who was living with the same condition, or a similar one, and how the news was affecting them. I have also been in touch with members here on the site who have been through this experience. And we have lost members over the years.

Clearly some conditions are more life-threatening than others. Many conditions, like diabetes, can be controlled by staying compliant with medications and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. (And yes, not everybody does that.) For other conditions, the outcome is not so certain, but many are recovering with treatments currently available. And then, some conditions may cause discomfort or pain, and progress over time.

The possibility also exists of being diagnosed with multiple conditions, which can leave someone that much more vulnerable to further illness. And some people respond more favorably to the medications than others do, and the treatments themselves can leave them susceptible to additional diagnoses.

What I am saying is that there are many reasons why someone might die of – or with – a diagnosis you share. And at the time you learn of their death, the reasons may not be so clear, if they will ever be. Or the cause of death may be very clear.

Either way, that can be a lot to have to sit with.

So where does that leave you if have learned of someone dying from the same condition that you are living with?

I recently posted an article on this topic. Here’s a link:


And while I know this is a hard subject to talk about, I am wondering if it is something you have had to deal with. And if so, how did you do it? Any advice to share? Need some support?

Really looking forward to hearing from you!

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