Everybody’s a little (or a lot) anxious. What do you do about yours?

Dr Gary
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Living with a chronic condition gives you all kinds of reasons to feel anxious. Do I need to go through a list with you? Probably not.

Humans don’t do well with uncertainty. And chronic conditions can bring all kinds of uncertainty to your life. Having to face a test or a procedure. Adjusting to changes in your daily life. Thinking about the future. And stress. All of this can lead to anxious feelings.

So what do you do about those anxious feelings? Suffer until they hopefully go away on their own? Try a technique and hope it works?

You’ve got more options than that. Coping with anxiety begins with how you think about anxious feelings. As well as preparing yourself for the anxiety that might come your way.

I posted an article awhile back with some ideas on how to cope with anxious feelings. Here’s a link:


So… what do you get anxious about?

What do you do when those anxious feelings when they do sneak in?

Any ideas to pass along? Need some help?

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