Keeping your activity level up. How do you do it? Need help?

Dr Gary
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Your doctor tells you. Your friends and family tell you. You tell yourself.

Stay active!

And as we begin the new year – and head into cold weather for many of us – you might be giving yourself a talk about what you want to do to stay healthy. If so, you’re probably also talking to yourself about your activity level.

A confession: My couch is my favorite place in the world. I could stay there all day. But like you, I have learned to push myself throughout the day to keep moving. I make activity as enjoyable as possible. But the goal is to push. And I have to say I do like the way I feel when I am staying mindful of the importance of movement.

What about you?

I recently wrote an article about motivating yourself to stay as active as possible, and in a way that is safe, realistic and, hopefully, enjoyable. Here’s a link:

So I’m wondering… what do you do to stay active in a way that is safe and reasonable? Anything you especially enjoy doing?

How do you motivate yourself? Any ideas to share?

And if you’re struggling to keep your activity level up, how can we help?

Looking forward to hearing about your approach to maintaining your activity level!

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