Everybody’s got an opinion -- how do you evaluate advice?

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Here’s what I think you should do…

How often have you heard that one? Usually from a family member or a friend who has your best interest at heart. Just hearing those words alone may put on alert for what might be following.

And then, whether you seem to be interested or not, the advice comes your way: “Start eating more…” “Get an appointment with this specialist.” “Tell your doctor to …”

Some of the advice may be useful, some of it may not be so useful. But there it is. And your advice-giver may be pretty insistent that you follow up.

Maybe you asked for advice from someone you thought might have some expertise or experience that you could benefit from. But the advice you got didn’t sound right, or you knew as soon as you heard it that it was just plain wrong.

So what do you do about advice that’s not so useful, if not downright bad? Or, advice that seems suspect? Or advice that you followed, but with negative consequences?

I recently posted an article about bad advice. Here’s a link:


I am curious about how you respond to advice from families, friends, and even supposedly well-meaning strangers.

Ever take advice that turned out not to be so good?

What about how to respond when you know the advice is bad?

Need some advice on handling bad advice?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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