I know it's a little thing, but ...

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Today, I received my first-ever set of return address labels and now, I am a happy Gramps! My oldest granddaughter is a kindergartener and a couple of weeks ago she learned about the postman. She became enamored with getting mail — something that does not usually happen in a five-year-old's life. Mom and Dad gave her the junk mail but she wanted mail with her name on it. Well, enter grandpa! When I heard about this, I went out and bought a greeting card and mailed it to her. Needless to say, she was THRILLED! But, I have five grandchildren! So, I went out and bought five Thanksgiving cards, some stickers to seal envelopes so I don't have to lick the glue, and extra book of stamps, a box of blank cards — and I ordered the return address labels. Now, I can send mail to all of my grandchildren whenever I wish! HAPPY GRAMPS! And I know the grandkids will love getting their own mail with their names on it! HAPPIER GRAMPS!

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