What do you do about negative people? Here's a positive approach.

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Got some negative people in your life? At home? At work? Or some days, just about everywhere you turn?

It seems like I am often running into discussions that include the word negative, or even “toxic,” in relation to other people. There are certainly lots of people out there who are difficult in one way or another and, as a result, have a negative impact on you. People who make insensitive or just plain rude comments. Or try to tell you what to do. Or maybe try to pull you into complaining and hating and spiraling down into negativity along with them. And so on…

Here’s a question. As someone living with a chronic condition, do you sometimes feel especially vulnerable when you come into contact with people who might sometimes, or often, fall into the negative camp? You’ve got a lot to deal with as it is, right?

It’s only human nature to let ourselves slide into negative territory when we’re feeling scared, disappointed, angry, or frustrated. We see examples of that every day. And these are also feelings that living with a chronic condition can bring up.

I wrote an article awhile back on dealing with negative people. Here’s a link:


I’m really interesting in how you deal with the negative people in your life. Compassion? Avoidance? Or just feeling like you’re stuck?

Any advice to share? Stories? Need some help?

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