6 Surprising Eye Care Tips

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The most important function our eyes perform for us. It’s our responsibility give them the best care possible, but sometimes we get too busy or we forget to do an only some easy things that can keep our eyes healthy. Don’t worry about your eye health, we will provide you some eye care tips.

1. Change Your Daily Habits: Your daily habits could affect your eye health badly. Make your routine to wear sunglasses for the protection of ultraviolet rays. UV rays can damage your eyes badly. Sitting too close to the TV will harm your eyesight. Make a proper distance while watching TV. Use safety eyewear at home, at work, and while playing sports.
2. Quit Smoking: Smoking is the biggest reason of every disease. Smoking affects the center of the retina and it causes muscular degeneration which is responsible for everyday tasks such as reading and driving. It also causes dry eye syndrome like eye redness, itchiness and even watery eyes. It's never too late to quit smoking and enjoy the benefits of a healthier body.
3. Eat for Healthy Eye: A good diet is the key of healthier body. You should eat every kind of vegetable and fruits. But for vision protection you should eat carrots, leafy green, eggs, nuts, bean, citrus fruits, berries, and fatty fish. These foods reduce inflammation in the blood vessels of the eye. Start your eye protection with the food on your plate. Take eye health supplement for important nutrient.
4. Avoid Caffeine: Consuming more caffeine has a large range of potential side effects that can affect various parts of your body. Most common effect is blurred vision, which may cause you to rub your eyes or squint. About 5% of the U.S. population has dry eye syndrome because of consuming too much caffeine.
5. Get Regular Eye Checkup: It's important for all to have regular basis eye exams. Your doctor may suggest more frequent exams if you have a health condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure, work in a visually demanding job, or take medications that can affect eyesight. Regular examine can reduce the risk of eye damage or other eye problem.
6. Exercises for Eyes: Eye exercising will keep your eyes healthy and help minimize eyestrain. You can consult to your doctor for exercising. This will help you improve eyesight level during the day and prevent significant further vision deterioration.

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