Abnormal Heartbeat or heart rate

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I am going to my cardiologist tomorrow, because I got a call saying that my heartbeat or heart rate was abnormal. I had to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours. Do any of you guys know what they do for it? I am pretty nervous about it. What does it also mean when your heart beats fast, but beats slow… and it feels like it's gonna stop? Why do I even have dizzy spells?

I have not been at work for three weeks now, because I had an episode where they thought I was a seizure. Here's what happened.

"I am home from the ER. I had Sonic for supper, and it was great! I had a relaxing bath too. Okay, what happened was that I had an episode at work where I almost fainted. One of the teachers caught me. My blood pressure was very high, and that has never happened to me before. Then, I started to have chest pains. My head was hurting too. I went to the doctor, and had an EKG done. Then I had another one at the ER. I had a CAT scan for my head, and a chest Xray. Everything was normal, but I am gonna go see a cardiologist tomorrow to see what's going on with my heart or chest."

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