Cardioplus and Cataplex B from Standard Process - are they good or hype ?

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Hello all :),

I am new here and I am writing from India :).

I am a worry wart and though my parents are in relatively good health ( both around 70 ) , I want to do the best I can for them in terms of preventive health care.

I was wondering if anyone had any opnions on these products from Standard process called Cardioplus and Cataplex B. I subscribed to one newsletter called "healthalert" by one Dr Bruce West who speaks very highly of them.

Also, would you have any opinion on the products from Researched Nutritionals called "RibosCardio with Cardioperform".

Also, if you know of any better supplements than these for preventive cardio health could you please share with me

God bless all :)


May God bless you for helping so many people.


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