The importance of the right meds...

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For decades, I struggled with blood pressure control issues and high cholesterol. When young, I was treated like a naughty child by my physician, who then stressed watching my diet and exercising. I did both to the point of misery, with no change to my BP. Later I was put on metoprolol, which had a slight effect on my BP, so the medication was increased to the point at which side effects of fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, dry cough, etc. were pretty bothersome. When I tried to approach the side effects issue, I was basically told that the benefits outweighed the drawbacks, meaning it was better than being dead. So I went along for over a decade on a high metoprolol dosage with only slight improvement in my BP.

Moving caused me to find another physician who experimented putting me on other medications plus combinations, and it was found that lisinopril and microzide (a "water pill") brought my BP down to a lower level than its ever been in my life. As a bonus, I feel so much better than I did before.

The lesson to be learned is that for most people there is a drug or combination that will be optimal in achieving your desired outcome. If your physician isn't willing to experiment in finding your right mix, by all means seek a second opinion.

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