Could I have tachycardia?

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My question could i have a type of tachycardia or something else, tell me your conclusion !

Also female , 6,0 ft tall and weight 11stone previously weighed 17 stone but been on a healthy diet for a year and lost 6 - 7 stone and still eating good as its not a diet anymore it's a new way of living :) I also live in UK

I am 16 years old and have been experiencing palpitations,dizziness,chest pain ,shortness of breath , headaches , and episodes of nearly passing out and I am under a cardiologist and he said it may be something to do with the right side and he doesn't want to say what he think it may be so I don't worry,he said I can't go swimming or do anything adventures and can't go anywhere unsupervised, I have to get an MRI , 48 hour ECG/EKG and heart scan but until then I am trying to control my symptoms by doing blowing thumb and bearing down movements to try and slow my heart rate down it does but as soon as I stop it goes right back up the highest it's gone is 190 and lowest 45 and that happens when resting and when doing simple things such as going to the front door which takes 5 seconds to go to and up the stairs and it can last up to 15 minuets or less also when I have 7 I had a routine surgery my tonsils out bit turned out to me loosing my life's blood because of a surgeons mistake of forgetting to burn my wounds to stop bleeding so have 3 surgery in one day as the second time he closed some and forgot to close another 2 and then I got told that I had 2 cardiac arrest whilst in surgery so don't know if that could be a cause or just family history of my mum who has moderate left ventricle disfunction and had 4 heart attacks and my nan who died of a heart attack and my grandad who had a heart attack years ago and lucky been ok since then and now me, anyway any suggestions on what it may be and what the treatment is let me know thanks. :)

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arkansasurviver 2013-07-15 16:44:05 -0500 Report

I really don't have any suggestions except take it easy until they give you the clear. I know that is hard to do at your age I am 30 and have a hard time takin it slow. Most importantly listen to your symptoms they are a great guide.

multikatie 2013-07-15 17:51:44 -0500 Report

Thanks and I don't know if it could be tachycardia or not because if its a type of tachycardia that's needs surgery such as ICD/pacemaker etc , my dream job is to become a paramedic and you need you HGV driving licaense (C1 , D1 ) and I heard you can't get thy If you have any arrhythmia problem and any sort of implantation, but guess I will cross that bridge when it comes to it :D

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