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I have finally getting this problem sorted after a couple of months went to see a cardiologist and he said it could be something to do with the right side of my heart and I am getting a magnetic test done and 48 hour ECG/EKG and heart scan and he said he Doesn't want to worry me by telling me what he thinks it may be , but he said its more than likely to be a heart condition , I think he said arrhythmia or rhythm or something like that oh well hope it's all sorted soon 16 and starting collage in September and can't wait a new experience . :D

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Lois T
Lois T 2013-12-01 16:36:52 -0600 Report

What happened from the tests?

multikatie 2013-12-01 17:14:30 -0600 Report

I went back on the 21st nov and it wasn't my normal cardiologist it was a local so one that visits different hospital he said my 24 hour ECG was normal but I don't understand y and my heart scan said mild LV dysfunction and he said he thinks it's wrong as they didn't do it properly ,but surely if they didn't do it properly , surely they would of done another one straight away so I don't know I am going for a MRI on the 15 dec and wait to see my cardiologist again but I would like to see my normal one as that local was a bid abrupt and obedient and not very nice as , my mum has server left ventricle dysfunction and my nan has heart failure a swell and the cardiologist I seen was shouting in my mums face did u have a heart attack before you had heard failure and she doesn't know , but he said my palpitations and dizziness was stress but how can I have stress when I walk about 10 ft and my heart rate goes up to 130 BPM or more so I dunno thanks for asking .

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