How can we be more mindful of what we eat?

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redorangedog 2015-06-21 17:13:43 -0500 Report

Keep a journal of everything you want to eat before you eat. The Mediterranean and DASH diets are the diets of choice. If it comes in a wrapper, read all the nutritional information before you throw it away. Exercise everyday. Walking is a great exercise and can be divided into 3—10 minute segments each day. Keep hydrated. A positive attitude.

Maja1959 2013-09-07 19:05:18 -0500 Report

Depends how dedicated you want to be? Can you build a spreadsheet? Do you have a computer? I hear you can do it in google docs. I use Microsoft excel. You could also do this with a pen, paper, and ruler.

Across the top I took the ingredients on the side of a box and listed them to get started. Down the side in the first column I listed the date and then under that which meal breakfast lunch or supper. Under that I listed what I ate and then went across and filled in how much of what I had. You can tally each column either at the end of the day or at the end of the week. And you can always adjust the columns as you see fit.

I am to keep track of my blood sugar, my blood pressure, my pulse, and my weight so I keep a spreadsheet and I have to call the doc if I go a pound over in a day or more then five in a week. I like spreadsheets you can gather and analyze so much information. And it keeps it organized too. Hope that helps!


Hyrum Anderton
Hyrum Anderton 2013-09-17 16:58:40 -0500 Report

Maja that it a great Idea. That is awesome. Have noticed ding that helps you?

Maja1959 2013-09-17 18:21:28 -0500 Report

Yes and no. Yes it gives the docs insight into what is going on. But then I get upset with them because I get "I don't know a lot lately". I was told that I have dilated cardiomyopathy. They told me it is an enlarged weak heart muscle. I went through the heart cath and all the echos and blood work. They can't fix my heart but only help me live for today I guess. I need to have a more serious talk with my cardiologist/pacemaker/defib doc.

I don't feel that I got much satisfaction because I am always tired. And very little to no energy. I am 54 and there should be much more to life then what there is. Currently, I am on disability. I get pretty winded going up and down stairs. My son just went to college and now is the time to be able to paint and do things to my house and it seriously wears me out.

I recently, had carpal tunnel surgery done and it didn't work and the doc sent me back to have nerve conduction studies of both my hands and to see why the hand I had carpal tunnel surgery on did not work? My tests came back a 3 again. I have had them done at 3 year intervals 3 times over a period of ten or so years. The nerve conduction doc says that he doesn't understand why the carpal tunnel surgery did not work. But he claims that if it has not changed over ten years he doesn't think it will get worse. Right now my hands feel like I have gloves on them and lately I drop a lot. And it is hard to do little stuff like buttoning a button and that kind of thing. Like putting earrings in, etc.

I can still type but make a bunch of errors sometimes. Before I began disability I was a executive secretary with an associate degree and ran a veterans office for five years helping vets get benefits. I did that till we lost the state funding for our office and my job was cut to keep the office alive.

I got my pacer defib on 12/27/2011 when my ejection was 15% it is now at 25-30% with my last echo about a month ago. The one doc called I didn't get a call from my doc they say he was away. The doc said I was normal. I was told that normal before was 50%. I am said then why am I so tired? Why do I get out of breath? He asked if I had a sleep study? I said yes and the first doc gave me a CPAP when I went for a second opinion he said I didn't need it and never pursued more appts. I did wear it for awhile and when I did would often find it on the floor hissing when I got up in the morning. So I was involuntarily ripping it off in the middle of the night and didn't know it.

Recently, like I said I went for the nerve conduction studies again and the nerve doc can't tell me why the carpal tunnel surgery did not work. But he wonders if it is not related to my cardiomyopathy and circulation? And he did not say anymore and I didn't think to ask.

Now my mind races wondering if something new isn't wrong with my heart and why the circulation problems? I went back to the carpal tunnel doc who also does osteo arthritis and he told me what the nerve doc already told me and then wants to send me for auto immune blood testing. And when I said about the nerve doc saying about cardiomyopathy and circulation my carpal tunnel guy looks at me and shrugs his shouders. That really upset me. I have a apt for the cardiologist in Oct but called and asked to push it up it is Sept 30. The carpal tunnel guy also mentioned to see a rheumatologist but his office was not helpful with a referral. I asked for a referral from the lab where I got my auto immune bloodwork. She gave me names of three docs. One was the name of a rheumatologist my mom saw back home. My mom passed in 2008. Here he had moved to our area and isn't where my mom lived anymore.

I sort of looked at that as sort of a prayer. Or like my mom is watching over me somehow. Because I am being sent for auto immune bloodwork some of which includes Lupus and Dermatimysitis those were two my mom did have. And I believe this is the same Dr. Kim. She really liked him and my aunt and cousin use to go to him too and they liked him. So I am hoping for good things. Please say a prayer.

Lately, I feel like I am hearing "I don't know too much" I could use some real answers. Because if I don't get some real answers I am going to quit going to docs live life to the fullest and then when it is my time then I guess it is my time. Sorry to put it like that. But sometimes I really feel like I am batting my head against the wall.

I have been toying with the idea of going back to work in a receptionist customer service way. Not sure maybe as a cashier. Recently when my only son left for college. I sorted and tore his room apart. I wanted to paint but when I took everything out to do so I found a stained rug I have been playing around with. It is sort of looking like there may be some hope for it. Then I have to wash the walls and strip the wall paper border paste off and then I want to paint the room. I have to do this all in giant steps because it absolutely wears me out. There are days that I really wish I had a gigantic magic wand! But am working with baby steps. I do some and then don't do anything for days or weeks.

Getting back to keeping track of the diet on the spreadsheet. When I use to work for the veterans office and I am a veteran too. I use to use spreadsheets to keep track of everything because I had to have breakdowns of everything. I found spreadsheets to be a great way to stay organized.

When I said no when you asked did it work for me? I meant that I am tired of keeping them because I don't feel like I am getting anywhere. Right now I find myself to be forget full at times. And it really bugs me at age 54. But all my friends and acquaintenances all say but we are too. Sometimes I wonder if they say that so I don't feel so bad.

I try really hard to be positive. But there are days life really stinks! I try to be positive and stay amongst people but then there are times I am tired. So then I sleep. And there goes my day. Life is truly what you make it. I am trying…but sometimes I wonder. I worry that this dilated cardiomyopathy is getting worse when the carpal tunnel hasn't worked and they think it is related to my dialted cardiomyopathy and circulation. I don't understand how? I can't wait for the appt with my cardiologist/pacer/defib doc on Sept 30. The thing about keeping these spreadsheets is remembering to do so. Like I said there are days I forget. I am keeping track of BS too and so I like to do it in the morning. Yes I still keep track of BS because this is the first time I have been able to go off my meds.

I want to get into a outside walking routine too. Tired of being inside. But I get so tired. They cut my Coreg in half I am at 12.5 mg. So who knows what is next. Trying to maintain and keep my mind occupied :). Trying to get over the empty nest syndrome of my son going to college. Crocheting and reading and attacking my sons room when the urge strikes. lol

Sorry to unload…have a great day! I was good till I went to this appt for the nerve conduction study and found out it could be related to my the dilated cardio myopathy and circulation. Now what? I guess I will find out on Sept 30.

Talk to you all latter. Thanks for listening! But to answer you everyone is different and I seriously think that using a spreadsheet can be a great tool weather it be on the computer or by making a graph on a sheet of paper with a pencil. Good luck!


(I have too much going on not only do I have dilated cardio myopathy. but then the diabetes is on the fence, I just had both cataracts done, and then we were playing around with the carpal tunnel and I have a dropped bladder. I am not saying feel sorry for me. And they say god doesn't give you more then you can handle. But right now I am saying enough is seriously enough. I am suppose to be disabled but I do a little and rest a little and do a little and rest a little. I am 54 and not ready to sit in a chair at home forever. Looking at finding something part time to be out amongst people. Have a good day!)