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Hi I am 16 years old , already have an auto immune disease and have been experiencing palpitations when I am just sitting doing nothing, also dizziness , balance problems and headaches every day and chest pain sometimes , my mum has moderate left ventrical disfunction and other medical issues.

Also my nan died of heart attack when she had nothing wrong with her heart whilst she was living and try found out she was in heart failure and my grandad has had a heart attack and my mum has had 3 and a silent one and lots of other problems to do with her heart.

I also have athsma and when I have had palpitations I have took my pulse with a blood pressure monitor and it said 139 over 76 and my pulse was 122 normal with no physical activity and 155 over 90 and my pulse has been higher

I have also been the doctors and they said my blood pressure wasn't that bad so they didn't do anything and said it was only high because I was nervous when I wasn't, so can anyone help to discover what it is, I live in the uk and doctors over here are a pain and don't take you serious , so I now refuse to go when sick because they never take me serious when I am.

Also when I was 7 I had my tonsils took out and had to go to theatre 3 times as they left my throat open and I was bleeding and was loosing my life's blood and I didn't know it but they said I had arrested 2 in two different times of being in theatre, thanks :)

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