So long, farewell, amen

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I guess I should leave this community because after three independent reviews, it appears I do not have any heart problems. Either I have been cured of congestive heart failure or the first four doctors/cardiac nurse practitioners who examined me were wrong but, Social Security has paid for three independent reviews of my entire medical file and reached the conclusion I have no cardiac problems. And, when I think about it, the original diagnosing cardiologist did not talk to me about his "findings" and did not instruct any nurse to talk to me about them. He talked briefly with my wife and then he packed up his practice and left town and I don't know where he's at. So, I've quit my heart-related meds and am taking only BP-related meds since everyone agrees I have high BP. I have some of the symptoms of CHF and, no, I can't explain that since I apparently don't have CHF — or I don't have it any more. But, I also cannot explain why people get brain tumors, so I guess I won't worry about such apparent coincidences. Apparently, there is no need to have such concerns.

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