Brief surge of adrenaline with heart palpitations, followed by extreme fatigue

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I am writing for my husband. He just told me last night that he has been having the above symptoms for the last four months. I'm very worried about him, wondering if this is heart related. I'm also furious with him for telling me. He said he didn't tell me before because he knew I would call the doctor. He has an appointment next week and asked me to check here to see if I could learn anything before then. I told him that I've known for quite some time that something was wrong - that was why I kept after him to check his BP & blood sugar all the time.

What happens is, he gets a brief surge of adrenaline, with a spike of extreme energy. He has the palpatations with the surge of adrenaline, as well as shortness of breath. This happens even when he is relaxing. I guess it sounds odd that he would have a spike of energy when he is short of breath - maybe it isn't a spike of energy he feels, but rather something close to asphyxia since he is short of breath. I don't know what to think. And the fatigue is terrible. It is almost disabling for him. He is a painter & sometimes he is so tired and weak that he can't lift his machines or supplies. He and our son run the business together and when he comes home, he can barely move. He's exhausted. And it has been getting much worse over the last few months.

He had a stress test done 4-5 months ago, but wasn't able to finish the
treadmill, so a chemical test was done. He told me that it was normal. I wanted to be with him for it, but I was seeing a new neurologist & he didn't seem to be having any problems at that time, so I let him go alone. Now I regret doing that. He has a tendancy to tell hear only what he wants to hear sometimes.

I'm scared & worried. He said this is happening almost every day & the fatigue lasts a couple of days, so he is in a state of non-stop fatigue. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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