Tip of the Week: New iPhone App Detects Trial Fibrillation

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Started 2012-12-14 20:29:20 -0600

Wow! I am a degreed electrical engineer with a major in microprocessor hardware and software design and have been working with a cardiologist for over five years but this just blows me away (plus I am a little envious I didn't think of it, lol)!

A group of researchers have developed an iPhone app that uses the flash and camera functions to operate like a mini pulse oximeter capable of accurately diagnosing atrial fibrillation. Here is an article discussing this cool new app.


Anybody had any experience (bought it, used it, heard anything at all about it, etc.) with this app? Afib is one of those conditions that is widely under-diagnosed and easily treated but can be deadly if not caught in time. This new app could end that problem!

Man, just cool!


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threebeaner 2012-12-19 18:40:47 -0600 Report

Cardiographs, will give you a EKG type graph using the iPhones camera.

HeartHawk 2012-12-21 00:19:01 -0600 Report


Cool, tell us more! Can you provide a link?


threebeaner 2012-12-21 07:03:35 -0600 Report

If i remember right,on my iphone i went to apps. Searched for ekg and several came up. This one named cardiograph will give you a graph likr read out. It stores the read and date and time for later use.Thier is others that record your pulse rate also with out a graph.

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