high blood pressure

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Started 2012-10-24 10:09:05 -0500

Does hogh blood pressure cause headaches?

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santaangel12 2013-11-09 16:25:13 -0600 Report

yes it can when my blood pressure goes i get very bad mirgraine! all i can do stay in the dark. i was diagnosed with hypertension when i was 35

simiant 2013-03-24 15:27:36 -0500 Report

I have just been diagnosed with hypertension and the answer is certainly yes. When in hospital I was repeatedly asked by the doctors if I was having headaches as its a common symptom. Oddly I wasn't, but now I'm out of hospital I keep having them, though only mild ones.

draco59 2012-10-24 20:40:55 -0500 Report

It certainly can… if high enough can cause a strokes and dead… if not controlled…

HeartHawk 2012-10-26 00:44:32 -0500 Report


Ryver nailed it. Yes, and it can cuase a number of other more serious complications like stroke (as Ryver mentioned), heatt attacks, and heat failure.


hairbear68 2013-07-03 19:47:01 -0500 Report

I have highblood pressure but only get headaches when I so mad about thing ggoing on aroud me like mom had a miro stroke and her speak get effective when she get upset I let most of the bull roll off me but my family feel like they dig there nails in and lately I cant say what I mean sometime but I can't tell my mom because she worst then me I feel lost between diabetic and highblood pressure