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We're excited to announce a new content partnership on our site: the Choosing Wisely campaign by Consumer Reports and The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation!

The ABIM Foundation wanted to help physicians be better stewards of health care resources. So, they launched Choosing Wisely campaign and, together with several leading medical specialty societies, came up with a list of common tests and treatments that are often overused, both because patients request them, and because doctors too willingly order them.

And as part of that effort, Consumer Reports and the medical societies developed summaries for patients about when those tests and treatments are needed — and when they aren't. Our communities were chosen as one of just a few places to publish this Consumer Reports content.

To us, it seemed like a great chance to share information that supports helping you become a more knowledgeable, empowered patient (even if all the content isn't all heart specific). And to Consumer Reports, it was a great chance to learn from you, the patient.

So, read through the recommendations here: Then, share your experiences and thoughts on the topics reviewed in the comment thread below each article. We, and all the other groups involved, are eager to get your feedback!

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