I don't like when my heart hurts on a ride

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For along time, there were some things that I couldn't enjoy growing up, because my heart would hurt very much. I can't go on roller coasters that have a big steep downfall, or some spinny rides either, even if there is no steep. But if I do go on a roller coaster, I feel a tightening in my chest near my heart, it pumps harder and faster, my body will shake if the steep is really big.

I've tried to explain this feeling to a lot of ppl, and the only thing that I can say, is if you know what it feels like to fall, you feel something in your chest, or your belly, or both. That's what I feel, but it's really painful for me.

I went to Great Adventure this past Wednesday, and we went on a boat ride. It's the really big boat that swings back and forth. We sat in the middle because my bf knows of the pain that I feel. I didn't want to go on, I knew that my heart was going to hurt cause I went on a ride like that before and it was awful. So anyway, as the boat goes up higher and comes down, I started shaking a lot, and it felt like my heart just wanted to stop.

When I see roller coasters that I want to go on, I fear that maybe my heart will stop and I'll die. Although I must say, I am not afraid of roller coasters or anything with a big steep, I actually want to go on them, but because of the pain that I get, I can't, and it sucks.

After I got off the boat ride, I wanted to cry because that's much I hurt, it felt like a panic attack was coming on in the midst of the pain that I feel. But when I have a panic attack, of course my heart doesn't hurt at all.

I know I need to see a Dr. but i don't want to find out that I may have a bad heart, but if it's normal, and everyone feels that way, I can't imagine what fun it is to get on a ride, and always have that pain, I can't enjoy a ride like that at all. Maybe subconsciously I am afraid of those kind of rides, but I think as though I'm not, maybe I need to keep going on those rides to get used to it or something, idk. it would be nice if there was a medication that prevented my heart/chest from hurting when I go on those rides.

But until then, I just avoid them and watch other ppl enjoy them -_-

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You're the first person I've come across who has the same issue as me. Whenever I tell people about it they say I'm just scared of the ride but I don't have a fear with rides at all, so I get what you mean. I haven't had my heart checked out before so I'm not sure but it might be a heart problem of some sort that you should probably get checked out.

mr.awesome 2013-02-06 06:43:51 -0600 Report

It could just be a fear,fear can activate pain because it makes u scared and u use energy when ur scared I think and energy comes from blood so ur heart muscle rushes or goes faster to pump more blood giving more energy to ur body

HeartHawk 2012-08-12 22:14:16 -0500 Report


We need to get the source of that chest pain figured out. It could be heart related but it could also be anxiety related. My advice is to get to your doc and find out which it is. Regardless of which it is get a solid and specific diagnosis then start a discussion. The first discussion would simply be to tell us what the docs found and ask if anyone else has a similar diagnosis. Lot's of people here want to help but we first need to know what we are dealing with!