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I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I feel my heart flutters and a drop feeling. I had an echo sonogram two of them, a stress test and a ton of EKG' s and a 24 holter and a 21 day. All was good. What is this?? I am scared there is something wrong with my heart.

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calag45 2012-08-28 01:23:13 -0500 Report

Hi cateyes, I had my attack in Feb 2011 and I thought I was going through it again in Sept 2011. Rushed in via ambulance only to find anxiety the cause. I dont take pills period, not even antibiotics. I even pulled myself off most of what was prescribed to me. They gave me a script of Xanax to take as needed, 30 day supply, and still have half left now. After scaring myself almost into another heart attack, I figure I might need to change my beliefs just a little. I only do what is needed as needed and have had no adverse effects, B.P. norm pulse,… the whole bit has been normal for almost a year now. The only issues I really have would be thinking I am only half the person I once was before, but I trying. I starting to believe "Take what is needed as needed, but don't over do it. Just my two cents for what it's worth.

cateyes1213 2012-07-22 07:47:44 -0500 Report

Hi Hearthawk, the dr wants to bump me up to 10mg of celexa. I am afraid of the side effects that's another reason why I don't take the Xanax and I suffer 24/7. I always want to run to the dr or er thinking I am dying or going to pass out. I do see a talk therapist and learning cbt. I am
Afraid to be alone or drive. This stinks!!

cateyes1213 2012-07-21 07:38:02 -0500 Report

Heart hawk, idk what can I do to get me to feeling better like you. This anxiety and panic attacks are kicking my butt. I do take 5mg of celexa, but maybe that's not enough.

HeartHawk 2012-07-21 23:33:49 -0500 Report


I am not a doc but Celexa is an SSRI promarily meant to treat depression but it has had success in treating some forms of anxiety, especially stress and social anxiety. My stock speech is that everyone is different so too it is with Celexa. Everyone will respond a little differently. Celexa usually takes several weeks to start working if it does.

5mg is not a lot as typical starting doses are in the 20mg rrange and go as high as 40mg. Your doc may want to bring on more slowly than typical but be aggressive and don;t be afraid to ask for a dose increase or to try other things!

Alprazolam (Xanax) works great for me. I only take it when I need it and it is fasting acting. I haven't used it in almost a year now except once in a while just to get some sleep when I have insomnia. Works GREAT for that too (tried the usual stuff like Ambien, etc. with no effect). Mostly, it is just me getting to know my body and gaining knowledge so that I am not freaked out by situation or symptoms. Yes, unfortunately, it takes time and effort to get yourself to that "good" place. Talking about it is great therapy. Seek it out and other info wherever you can!

I would start by reading up on Celexa and other anxiety drugs and treatments so you are better equipped to work with your doc!


HeartHawk 2012-07-19 23:19:05 -0500 Report


Yup, went through all the same stuff. What I learned is the "flutters" you feel are likely very benign. When they looked at my monitor they said I had 3 ectopic beats and most people have several per day and many people have hundreds per day and they still do not treat it because they are benign. You'd also be surpised how often what you feel as a heart palpitation is something else like a stomach or esophogeal spasm. I have actually sat there feeling my pulse while "that feeling" occurs and note that my heart is beating normally

Of course, that still doesn't relieve the anxiety and anxiety all by itself can exacerbate palpitations. It took years before the fear went away and I still get it a little. 25mg of atenolol provide both physical and mental relief for me. Xanax also does wonders for anxiety!

The best medicine is to learn all you can, take control of the process, get all the pharmaceutical and therapy help you can and find others with experience to share their stories right here. Having moral support and knowing you are not alone is powerful You can win! I did!

Any other questions or concerns come up just feel free to ask!


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