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My son is 35. Last year he discovered he had HBP. (165/110) ish. He's been on BP medicine but this year it's been going up and up. He's average weight and eats pretty healthy. (egg whites, turkey bacon, etc)

Recently his HR has been going up. He was at Dr office and his HR was 168 and they took him down to Emergency Care.

He just had Lipid Panel text and his cholesterol was 305, HDL was 59, and Triglyceride was 778.

He's now on a bunch of pills and I'm worried about what is next and what is going on. Very concerned.

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draco59 2012-11-13 21:51:06 -0600 Report

Has he had an Aldosterone/Rennin ratio done… My endocrinologist did one on me, because over the years I've been on many different BP meds, they'd work for a while, then they'd have to increase the dose, or change all together. My ratio of the test was of the charts. They are secreted by the adrenal gland and the Kidney. with my ratio so high, constricted the blood vessel and increased my BP. I would have him talk to his doctor about this simple blood test. The other thing is getting his cholesterol, HDL and Triglyceride
Best of luck to your son …

jshu43 2012-07-19 06:47:09 -0500 Report


Thanks for the reply! I have high cholesterol and triglycerides myself. So I imagine that some of this is genetic in my son.

He was recently dx'd with Lyme Disease and I had him visit my cardio who did an Echocardiogram on him and that came out normal.

Last year he had an extreme bout with pancreatitis and was in ICU for a week. But they never said anything about his triglyceride, so I'm not sure how long he's had these high levels.

It just seems like he's springing leaks everywhere. What's next?

I was especially interested. In the high lipoprotein a you mentioned. Possibly his dr might test for that. but if he is already in the high levels, is there a benefit to testing further?

His internist had put him on a med for HBP and then added a med for his heart rate which also is helping his BP. Now she has put him on Lopid for the cholesterol and triglyceride.

I read that Lopid might elevate cholesterol in patients with triglyceride over 400. So that concerns me. She didn't want to put him on statins because of side effects. I've been on Lipitor (& Tricot) for years.

Didn't get any results other than Total Cholesterol, HDL, & Triglyceride because triglyceride levels were too high.

HeartHawk 2012-07-19 02:58:36 -0500 Report


Lot's of issues here. Let's start with his lipid panel. The LDL cholesterol and triglycerides are far above normal. The doctor will be your guide but it is likely a statin will be required to lower his LDL and perhaps a fibrate and/or high dose fish oil. Low carb diets can also be effective in lowering Tryglycerides and lowering small LDL - the worst type. He may also have other disorders such as high lipoprotein(a) which manifests itself in heart disease in young adults. I would discuss having an advanced lipoprotein test performed to look at this and othe key blood particles.

His high BP and heart rate may well be due to the effects of the high LDL and TGs and will need treatment at least in the short term. I know it is scary but it is fortunate things were caught early while there is still time to make corrections and live a long life. Keep us posted as you learn more and have additional questions.


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