HDL particle count test, not old test related to reduced heart disease. Have you had the new test?

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A new study suggests the old cholesterol test that measures your HDL cholestrol by weight may be worthless. A new test measures the number of HDL particles circulating in your blood.


In a nutshell, the old test measures how much your HDL cholestrol weighed in milligrams without regard to the number of actual particles in your blood. If you had 40 mg/dL of HDL it did not differentiate between a single particle weighing 40 mg (I am exagerrating as this could never happen) or 10 particles weighing 4mg. It turns out having a higher number of HDL particles is cardioprotective and weight has nothing to do with it.

The new test called NMR spectrospcopy. Anybody had this new test? Ask your doc about and report back!


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