Vitamins, Medications and Diets

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I know most of you probably take Vitamins. With a fail safe diet you don't need to be taking supplements unless your levels are low. I know this because I studied Health and Diets in college. I also learned it because I became diabetic while I was pregnant. Too many vitamins can give you an overdose of said vitamins. You get most of your vitamins from foods you eat. If you have a blood test done and it shows your lacking any vitamins then you should be taking them under doctors care. Signs and symptoms of vitamin deficency has risen in the world, people over medicating themselves with vitamins are coming up with more problems then the average heart patient.
Losing weight is good for all of us in moderation. I've noticed since I lost 13 pounds by incorrectly taking my cholestrol medication. So I think we should make sure we're taking them correctly. I learned my lesson and I'm moving forward from my mistakes. I hope everyone tries their best to stay healthy and keep vitamims, medications, and diets under control. Although we are so much different.

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