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Loosing weight: I have always have a weight problem I loose weight then I gain it all back then I loose it again.. So I now am loosing weight again

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bevel2 2013-03-02 16:48:25 -0600 Report

I have tried many diets or weight loss programs and I understand how it feels to channel through the "yo-yo" syndrome. If ever I learned anything in my life time about weight loss or any feat in life; I have learned, it's all in the mind-set. Without, a successful mind-set to finally decide to make the permenant changes needed once and for good…nothing much happens. The mind-set will be what will finalize and maintain the change "just my two cents".

RAYT721 2012-07-07 12:06:26 -0500 Report

You may want to check out the affiliate site obesityconnect.com. Many of my friends there have been able to share goals, tips, tricks, recipes, successes and challenges. I have lost 34 pounds with a new approach to food choices and have kept it off for more than a year now. I hate to sound like a Home Depot commercial but "you can do it - we can help!" :)

HeartHawk 2012-07-08 00:35:45 -0500 Report


Thanks for stopping by and congrats on the accomplishment. Weight loss is SO essential for health in general but especially for heart health!


Anonymous 2012-06-24 15:17:58 -0500 Report

a nutritionist can help you loose weight and to keep it off.it work for to go to a nutritionist and have them set up a meal plan with me. i have been able to keep the weight for 2 yrs now.