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Hi all.
I was just wondering what certain foods I should be avoiding and be eating that is best for my heart health. I have a balanced diet and I exercise a hour a day through walking. I know that certain foods such as high saturated foods, foods with lots of sodium are bad for your heart and omega is very good for your heart but is there any foods/drink I should particularly be avoiding and foods I should be eating more of many thanks Amy ☀

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HeartHawk 2012-06-03 03:08:57 -0500 Report


After multiple experiments and dozens of tests am I sold on a low-carb, wheat-free diet. I would suggest two books. First the "Apo-E Diet" which explains how your Apo-E genotype affects what you should be eating and then "Wheat Belly" which expands on it to detail how wheat negatively affects your body - a little for some and a lot for others - and often slowly over time.


Maja1959 2012-06-02 17:31:04 -0500 Report

Dear Amy~ I have dilated cardio myopathy and congestive heart failure. My cardiologist says no table salt and to read labels and keep sodium down to 2000 mg a day. I am a secretary and use MS Excel so I keep a list of everything I eat. By keeping a list it helps me keep everything in check. Some find keeping lists manotenous. Hope that helps.