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We alll know that heart patiens should not smoke, however this one does or has int the past. I am on chantix now but I could use some encouragement. For the las 2 years I smoked 2 to 4 per day, so I know I can get through a day without. I have had maybe 5 since my quit date of 3/4, which I feel is vey good. My husband smokes and my habit of grabbing on from him and taking 1 or 2, is what I have to break now. The chantix is working great. I just wish at the end there was something to fall back on except to stop taking chantix. To my friends I hope to hear from you and thank you in advance.

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BethLela 2015-05-23 16:07:23 -0500 Report

I realize this is a 3 yr. old post, but many still struggle with smoking. My husband quit cold turkey when he turned 40 & that was 43 years again. I was so jealous!! I tried Chantix twice - the 1st time it interfered with my sleep so much that I had to quit. Wait a couple of years and tried again - but this time I had bad stomach issues and had to stop. But the Chantix did help with the behaviour side of smoking. I was able to longer without a cigarette, only smoked in 1 room in the house, etc. Then I started using e-cigarettes. While I am still getting nicotine in my body, I haven't had a real cigarette in 3 years. And my e-cig usage is reducing every day.

Flethadoodle 2012-07-22 01:05:53 -0500 Report

Hi! I want to quit & just had a dr's appt & asked my doctor for Chantix but she wouldn't prescibe it because she says she has seen too many people get really depressed & my insurance doesn't cover nicotine patches so I'm not sure what I will do. I just know I'm smoking at least 2 packs a day & it's killing me!

HeartHawk 2012-07-23 01:11:42 -0500 Report


Chantix is not for everyone but if your doc will not treat you with Chantix then make him treat you with something else! Drugs, therapy, you name it but your docs must help you any way they can - or find new ones!

Smoking is the worst heart offender of them all. Ya gotta quit. Find some help and find a way!


tankmom 2012-07-22 12:49:14 -0500 Report

I have used Chantix on 3 different occassions and it works well while on it but being around smokers my will power goes away really easy. There is no magic potion. I guess I really do not want to quit bad enough but I also am not a heavy smoker. I can go through the day but stress gets to me. I kick myself for even taking one. I have told my husband to get tougher with me, but he is too nice about it. I am in the pick up of more frequent cigarettes but know in my mind that I am not doing myself any good so I really have to take and work hard on it to stay away from them. My husband is a drinker so I see him go through the fight not to drink, so if you would like to support each and encourage each other I will be your conscience for this discussion. I do want and need to quit FOR GOOD and from the sound of your post you need help too. Let's keep this one going and wish both of us luck. JUST SAY NO and turn it over to God.

HeartHawk 2012-07-23 01:13:16 -0500 Report


Yup, it's a real battle and you need allies and support. Let's do what we can here. Just knowing you are not alone in the battle helps!


tankmom 2012-04-01 14:46:11 -0500 Report

Thank you for all your comments and advice. I get stressed so easily and that smoke does seem to help but again mind over matter. I have tried in the past and considered myself a failure, but the last time I quit I got as far as not buying them. If I had them I would smoke them. I do buy them for my husband but I buy a carton as the cheapest place I have found them is a liquor store and that is the last thing he needs. He does not trust himself in a that environment, but it does make me feel good that I can resist buying them. He is somewhat courteous around me but he is nto a chain smoker, but he does smoke a lot. I would love to hear from anyone or all of you just to keep me on the straight and narrow. Guilt me often and thanks in advance.

HeartHawk 2012-04-06 23:45:01 -0500 Report

C'mon Tank,

Don't let those stupid little cancer snakes eat you alive. Stomp 'em. You are bigger and strong than those weak little parasitic life-suckers!


tankmom 2012-04-07 13:29:47 -0500 Report

LOL Well put Hawkeye!!!

HeartHawk 2012-04-07 23:46:36 -0500 Report


Yeah, it ain't easy but you gotta get crazy, like before playing in a football game. You gotta get motivated, pump up, kick butt! You gotta TALK to 'em, tell 'em they stink, they're weak, get outa town, leave, scram, talk a hike or you will put a boot in their butt! Crappy little, puke-face life-suckers! They got a lot o' nerve even taking up space. In fact, right now, take a couple of them and bust 'em up, crumble 'em into the trash that they are. Take that you scum-sticks!


draco59 2012-03-30 22:16:13 -0500 Report

after many years of trying to quit somking, My wife also quit the first time we tried (early 1990's). I smoke on and off, till 2006, it took a promiss to my dying mother to quit for good.
But one thing I've learn over the years is, your only going to quit if you really want too.
I wish you the best and good luck.

countrygal2345 2012-05-01 10:02:03 -0500 Report

I must agree about the want to. Without the sincere want to you will keep running back to them. The first curve life throws at you and you feel overwhelmed, you will pick them up a gain. Been there, done that
I was addicted to the filthy things myself. I quit myself several times (short term). I didn't really have the "want to" that was sincere.I was up to 2 and 3 pack a day, Bad news!
I have now been smoke free since 1987. You can do it Tankmom! Just be sincere and honest with yourself. You'r strong, you can do it.!!

draco59 2012-05-01 12:11:07 -0500 Report

Good for you countrygal, you hit right on the head… so what was it that made you really want to quit????

countrygal2345 2012-05-01 12:30:12 -0500 Report

Thanks.I finally made up my mind that it was just a dirty habit, and one I couldn't afford. I have been a widow since 1977 and I have always had to watch my budget becaus I was responsable for a childs care and raising.
But, I have to give God the glory!! Without a loving Father in my life I would not have been strong enough to do it. Life has to many hard roads we have to walk down, and I'm not a strong person.
With Christ in my life, I can do all things through His power and grace. :)

draco59 2012-05-01 21:17:10 -0500 Report

That's just wonderful, I glad for you… :), it's so expensive and very hard to do
have a wonderful evening.

countrygal2345 2012-05-01 21:38:33 -0500 Report

Thank you. I hope you have had a good evening. It is a very hard thing to do. I craved them for a lot of months after I quit.

HeartHawk 2012-05-01 23:12:33 -0500 Report


My mother quit smoking and 30 years later she claimed she still had the craving. I think the only way to quit is to want something else more. I know a woman who smoked for decades and still does. But, she quit twice for 9 months - during her two preganancies because she loved her babies more than the cigarettes.

Perhaps its just about loving yourself more. That is hard to do because we secretly beat ourselves up feeling we don't measure up to even our own standards. That's baloney! Once you believe in yourself you win. Of course it is easier to have someone to share that belief with whether it is a a friend, a lover, or God - or even a bunch us here in the community.

The fact is, you are special, as unique as your fingerprint - not another like you. It's just plain true whether you believe it or even like it. Get over it. Nature created uniqueness and diversity because it is supremely powerful and defeats all natural challenges. You know - survival of the fittest and all that. Whether you want to waste that uniqueness is really up to you. You want cigarettes to own you - well - that's up to you!

Don't get me wrong. I fail all the time. In fact, I just finished a small bowl of popcorn that probably raised my blood sugar - not to mention the second glass of wine, lol! But, I also dragged my sorry butt off the floor and lifted weights tonight. Hey, ya win some, ya lose some. The secret is to win more often than you lose! To never give up! I have one more gulp of wine left.



draco59 2012-05-01 21:48:20 -0500 Report

I know what you mean, it's hard espcially when we go out with friends, one our friends did finally qiut after years of trying, so it helps…
your welcome… :)

cpa3485 2012-03-26 19:09:34 -0500 Report

I did the Chantix route also. I did quit, but I recommend being real careful with Chantix. I had very strange dreams, and did not like the side effects. Also, I hear that some people develop heart issues after taking Chantix, but that risk is not publicized very well. Their advertisements have begun mentioning cardiac side effects. I actually suspect that Chantix may have had a role in my heart attack, but it's only a suspicion.
It has now been about 16 months since I quit and I recommend it highly. Keep trying! You'll make it! It's worth it!

HeartHawk 2012-05-02 21:32:12 -0500 Report


Congrats! I hope others chime in about Chantix as well. The community needs such vital input as you provide as well as other smoking cessation firsthand experience!


arkansasurviver 2012-03-26 14:18:30 -0500 Report

My brother is a chain smoker and he is using the e cigarettes along with patches. He says the ecig helps him after meals and when out with friends. Stick with it. Also see if you can get your spouse to cut back when around you or quit. It's hard when you have to be around it and you can't have it. Best of luck!

HeartHawk 2012-03-25 22:39:20 -0500 Report


Yeah smoking is real bad stuff. Never really started but stopping is a lot like all the lifestyle changes I made due to heart disease. I cheated l lot for a long time. My secret was to remember how bad I felt after cheating and thinking the crappy stuff I ate really didn't make me feel any better. Then, each time I was tempted, I knew I needed to make a single choice - at that specific time - to feel good and not eat it, or to eat it and feel bad. It got easierto make that decision!


Te Ja
Te Ja 2012-03-25 20:05:41 -0500 Report

I have never smoked so do not know what you are going through. I do wish you the best of luck and it's sounds like you are on the right path for quiting the habit.