Tip of the Week: New evaluation for AF Treatment

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Started 2012-03-10 00:05:28 -0600

Members dealing with atrial fibrillation can take a new ealuation for determining their need for anti-coagulation therapy. The test is called CHADS2-VASc which is considered by some to be an upgrade to the old CHADS2 scoring system.

You can take the evaluation at


Essentially, it determines your stroke risk. The higher the risk the stronger the suggested need for anti-coagulation therapy. More info from Dr. Seth Bilazarian on the evaluation can be found at


A new study also suggests that among those evaluated with CHADS2-VASc the newer anti-coagulants may work better than warfarin. More at


If you have afib, let us know if your doc used CHADS2-VASc in evaluating your stroke and prescibing an anticoagulant. If not, asl your doc about it and please report back! It could help a lot of us.


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