Discussions Limited by Healthcare Policy and Reimbursement?

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"Difficult discussions now can ease difficult decisions later for patients with heart failure:

•Shared decision making extends beyond informed consent, requiring that healthcare providers and patients consider information together and work toward consensus.
•Changes in healthcare policy and reimbursement are needed to support effective communication, high-quality medical decisions and patient-centered care."


Question: I haven't been aware of my cardiologist holding back on thorough discussions about my heart failure options as a result of healthcare policy and reimbursement. Has anyone else been aware of having such an experience?

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HeartHawk 2012-03-08 23:52:39 -0600 Report


I have great cardiologist (Dr. William R. Davis) so it has never been a problem. If they were all like him, wow! We's all be better off. I know of one other doc (william Blanchet out of Colorado) who is similar. I have also heard of another doc out of Texas (Alistair Fife) who is supposed to be pretty good. There are a couple of others as well (e.g Budoff in CA).